Customized Furniture

Customized Furniture

Customized Furniture is what we require if we want a furniture that is suited exaxtly to our space size , our requirements and our design that we have in mind. 

All these things are not possible with a ready piece of Furniture . , A ready piece of furniture may serve our requirements somewhat , but obviously cant satisfy all the requirements exactly. Its inadequacies start to bother us more as the time goes by , yet we live with it as to not waste the investment already made, however , sooner or later , we have to take a call and switch back to a furniture which is optimum , and takes care of all the requirements that we have in mind of space, design and configuration.

We at Veneza Furniture and Interiors recognize this , and we provide to our clients an option of jointly designing furniture with us , which exactly fits their requirements. This along with our services of Interior Design help our Clients build the perfect home for themselves.

For more information Just fill in your information below and send it to us , and we will be happy to get in touch with you. You can alternately also call us at 9831523631 /9903889669, or walk in to our Showroom on Kolkata at 

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Crossing of Anwar Shah Road , above Roland pro music shop 

For more information of meterial to be used in the construction of Interiors you can refer to the link about Plywood vs MDF

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